Meowcraft is a PvE and creative community.

Meowcraft has two servers, one providing PvE with Towny, creating an environment where players can build legitimately in a competitve way whilst showing off their construction skills. and a creative server for those players who simply want to build to the sky!

Player vs. Environment
Player versus Environment or PvE is just that, everyone on the server playing against the world to gather and collect resources to survive, creating towns and cities together by use to the Towny plugin.
Players in the PvE world also have the ability to level up various skills they used the most using McMMO!

While PvE is mostly oriented toward mining, building and trading, there still is PvP. If you are in the wilderness and not a town or city then you aren't safe from attack or grief, so be careful!


While PvE is a "build legitimately" world of sorts, the creative world is soley for those who wish to focus on contructing whatever they can imagine! As a creative player you can spawn as many of whichever item you wish.

For the creative world we run a special low generating world at Y:16, this allows creative player to build crazy high constructions!